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the san francisco board of
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supervisors meeting of resume shortly.
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>> [gavel] >> good afternoon. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of october 23rd. we are back for our 3:30 special order for restaurant appreciation month. let me start off by saying on behalf of our colleagues and our 800,000 residents that like eating in the best restaurants in the entire world i want to thank you those that have been really at the forefront of running amazing establishments and serving up and cooking great food and what i would like to
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do is go in reverse district number order and start with supervisor avalos from district 11. >> thank you president chiu. colleague i am rising to honor the broken record bar and grill. unfortunately jason king can't be here and actually right now putting together a new kitchen in his establishment. it occupies a space where another great district 11 restaurant used to be "momma's cooking" and "broken record" is there established in 2008 and a great place to eat and a great watering hole in this part of san francisco and in fact there is a group of people that come from san francisco and the bay area to come to the broken record. a great selection of drinks and whiskeys and jason
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is a big aficionado of whiskeys and things his bar and had different things come and in in that site. it's been an incubator in san francisco. whoever ran the kitchen over the last couple of years are now opening up a restaurant on 400hade street and ricky hobby and there is a great deal of work done and broken work to bring new restaurants and cuisines and always like north american cuisines to san francisco and the southern part of san francisco and i wanted to congratulate jason king for a great establishment, for bringing together giants fans over the year and look forward
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to you opening up next monday. >> great supervisor. why don't we go to district ten and supervisor cohen. we're going in reverse order. >> i did hear you say that. well, hello everyone. is julia here? i don't see her. >> let's skip over you and go to district nine. >> okay. >> can i break in a second? >> sure supervisor. >> the new restaurant at the broken record is this friday, not monday so if people have nothing to do and in the southern part of san francisco it's a great place to be and probably watch the ball game. >> supervisor cohen is your person here? >> is there anyone behalf of schools? school restaurant? >> [inaudible] >> do you want to do your presentation in a little bit?
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we will redistrict. supervisor campos from district nine. >> thank you very much mr. president. good afternoon everyone. i do want to acknowledge a friend of both supervisor wiener and i who is visiting the chamber and kevin from law school and another harvard law school grad in the room and thank you for visiting san francisco. i hope you enjoyed your history. it is my honor to. >> >> call upon summer peterson who is in the audience and if she can please come up, and i think supervisor kim and i were trying to figure out if technically she's still a resident in district six or district nine with redistricting, but summer peterson is the owner of the amazing mission bowling club which is a fabulous
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establishment in the mission and what is incredible about summer is that she has a incredible facility and those that are into bowling i hope you get an opportunity to visit and it's a fabulous space, but her commitment to the community is unwavering, and i just wanted to share a story that i share with my office by the community response network crn which does a lot of violence prevention work working with youth who are at risk, if you will, and the story goes that there were a number of young people who were sort of hanging out outside of the bowling club, and when something likes that happens youth, kids look a certain way. what sometimes happens is the establishment gets worried and responds by calling the police.
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in this case summer much aligned with how she sees the world took it upon herself to talk to these young people and invite them into the club, and she works with groups like the groups that work with at risk youth and find them a way to enjoy the facilities free of charge and that's the type of person she is and the type of business she runs one that recognizes you're the most successful when you're connected to the community and giving back, so it is in recognition of that amazing spirit and approach to business that it is truly my honor to recognize the mission bowling club which has amazing food as well, and so to summer peterson on behalf of the board of supervisors as the representative for district nine
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it is my honor to commend you for serving as a meeting space for the community, for hiring locally, that your belief that small businesses should be part of the community, for your commitment to public transportation and biking which is clear if guand visit in terms how she promotes biking and transit for her customers and for your delicious food and welcoming environment and being a role model for other small businesses in the community and summer peterson thank you for everything that you do and great success to you. >> thank you. it's amazing. i never think about what i do in that way really. it just comes natural. we always say we can't have a strong business without a strong community and that's the only way i kind of see t i wanted to say thank you. we're only six months old but we do
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appreciate the recognition so thank you very much. it is really important to us. but i did want to say we are thrilled we are in a position already known as we are that we can give back to our community by yes serving amazing food and a fun environment that we can incorporate the neighborhood. aside from hosting the nonprofit bowling days our restaurant offers specific menu items and a dollar from each item dollars to youth supporting projects and we rotate that out monthly to reach as many organizations as possible. some of the organizations in the district of root division and tee pees and for the childrens' reading and author's program that they have, and we also just hosted a police versus fire department bowl off for their toy drive charity and it's going to be an annual
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fundraiser now and in case you're wondering the fire department did win by over 80 pins but we're grateful to be part of a amazing community and neighborhood and we're thrilled so thank you guys so much. [applause] >> why don't we go now to district eight colleague, supervisor wiener. >> thank you mr. president. first of all i just want to associate myself with supervisor campos' remark about the mission bowling club. it's a wonderful addition to the neighborhood and we're grateful for summer for really helping us elevate sort of some of the problems with the mission special use district
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which almost prevented the club from opening and i of happy working with supervisor kim and campus for that and thank you for your wonderful business. >> some so today i have the pleasure of recognizing and honoring a terrific kof a and restaurant in my district castro, castro tarts. if you guys want to come up now. castro tarts is on castro streets and has restaurants and cafes et cetera and it's a wonderful place to eat, but one thing that we sometimes don't have enough of is places that offer great food, but that are
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also affordable, and one of the terrific things about castro tarts it's a wonderful atmosphere whether to grab a cup of coffee or eat breakfast or a sandwich and a place that is really affordable and neighbor focused business, and i will admit i'm biased because it's my regular cafe where i go all the time and another great thing about it is when you go in there even if you haven't come in for a month they remember your name they also remember what you ordered last time or maybe if there are three different things that you like to order and they ask you which one you want at that time so it's a great place to have in the neighborhood, so i am really thrilled to be honoring castro tarts today and
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why don't you all come up? trudy and melissa and william and thank you for being part of our neighborhood. thank you. did you want to say smg. >> thank you for all of the support and my family enjoy doing the business in the castro district and we treat everybody like our own family and my wife judy is pretty amazing and understands every single person and order and make everybody come into the cafe like a family member and we know every person coming to enjoy our cafe and thank you for the continuing support. thank you. [applause]
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>> thank you supervisor wiener. why don't we go to now district seven. supervisor elsbernd. >> i am presenting today for supervisor chu. she asked me to present. this is someone i think more than anyone else knows about the restaurant business because she grew up in a restaurant. her parents owned and operated a business all through her childhood and knows the ins and out's of a good restaurant. she chosen some place i might chosen and parkside tavern. they are not here today but what is a very obvious working. they were
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working really hard last night and need to get ready to go tomorrow u but those that know the sunset, the parkside tavern, the owner larry doyle lives in the area and active as a community member. uses the restaurant as a great community resource, be contributes to the community, makes it available to various groups and it's become a great gathering place for those that love sport of all kind, and those that like a quiet comfort sun shut meal in the sunset and i would like to congratulate the parkside tavern. >> thank you supervisor elsbernd bernd. why don't we go to district six, supervisor kim. >> great. so today i have the pleasure of honoring sam's diners. and in the district
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there are amazing restaurant so in district six it was a difficult decision and i am honored honor them and the owner was enable to be here but her partner will be here. genie purchased it five years ago and samed it sam after the first initials of her three children, samuel, abigail and mica. she contributed a considerable amount of money into renovating this restaurant and a strong tenant in the corridor. i go to sam's regularly and a big fan of the korean tacos and if you would like to check that out. it's close to our office. the dinear is welcoming to great
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broad section of the neighborhood and it's accessible and affordable and delicious and where many of the actors of the stage shows go well and stays opens late to accommodate those folks and rejuvenate the arts district? a. genie grew up where food was part of the living and hard work and spirit and overcoming obstacles and she actually makes would meals herself and definitely complement the chef when she is there. she is often busing tables on top of cooking so lee if you would like to say a few words on behalf of your partner genie. it's a pleasure to have you here today. >> thank you supervisor kim. we enjoy the recognition. genie
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isn't here so i can brag. i don't know anyone that works harder than she does and up early and stay late and does a great job of taking care of me and the three lovely children. the only complaint of the business i had to let my suits out for all the food i eat when i am there and thank you supervisor kim for your support. we really appreciate it. [applause] >> congratulations. why don't we now go to district five colleague, supervisor christina olague. >> district five has so many restaurants that we could appreciate during this month and i am happy to have selected
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nopa for this industry and a great restaurant that promotes the community. the owners are highly involved in the neighborhood and working closely with the merchant association to improve the district. they have done so much to improve the vis diro corridor and more vibrant place for visitors and neighbors and it's a namesake for the panhandle community and sits at the middle of the neighborhoods. its cuisine is delicious and attracts people near and far and using locally sourced ingredients. as we observe national food day i wanted to recognize the restaurant that has significant impact on our business community and neighborhood and also uses the power of food to reach diverse communities and those in need. in addition to the positive impact on its surrounding
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neighborhood they also participate in the episcopal community services conquering homelessness through employment and food services or commonly known as the chef's program which trains homeless adults in the operations of the culinary industry. it is incredibly important that we as a community give back to others, and jeff and allison promote a culture of giving through their restaurants. i would like -- and you empowered employees and a wonderful thing so without any additional delay i will like to restaurant them with the 2012 appreciate honor for district five. >> thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you. we're very honored. my husband laurence
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hoped to be here as well and jeff and i business partner and we are lucky to be included in this month's honorium and thank you for having us and we will keep doing what we do because we love doing t thanks. [applause] >> thank you. supervisor olague. i have the honor of making the next presentation for my district, district three. let me start off by saying i hate restaurant appreciation month for two reasons. one, during the ceremony i get extremely hungry. secondly, san francisco we have the highest per capita number of restaurants of any city in the country, and my district apparently has the highest number of restaurants
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per square mile of any square mile in our city, and we have so many amazing restaurants it literally takes my staff several meetings and i to hash out who we think should be recognized every year and it's my honor to recognize a relatively new restaurant in north beach and extremely loved in the neighborhood. i would like to invite up liz. i think i saw you back there. if you could step up to the microphone and liz is half of the partnership of dane and liz and the partners behind bottle cap. they lived in north beach sing 2008 and the story of bottle cap this amazing couple wondered why there wasn't any restaurants with the farm table approach and keeping things local and the fisheries and farming throughout
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california and bottle cap opened up in 2010 of the former location of the washington square bar and grill and for you to know it was quite a sight to bring in a new restaurant but they have certainly erks seeded all of our expectations. in addition to great cocktails and organic and sustainable food at a affordable price they're a business to help show case the local arts. if you come tuesday through friday you will hear live music in the lounge and musicians that have been playing for decades. bottle cap hangs the work of local artists on the walls. the dining room has works showing every one to two months in rotation. they have hosted numerous charitable events and guest bartender tonight for events and
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receptions and fundraisers and for singing groups. i want to thank liz the work you're doing in employing folks and allowing your restaurant to be the site for community meetings that we work on difficult but hopefully solvable issues and i want to take the opportunity to thank you and your husband what you're doing with bottle cap. thank you so much. >> thank you so much for the recognition. it's a tough business. it can be challenging and we appreciate the support very much. thank you. [applause] >> our district two colleague
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will provide the next accommodation. supervisor farrell. >> thank you president chiu. colleagues today i have the honor of honoring a couple in restaurant district two which had its legged started in a different district. i don't know if it's district nine but i am proud to bring forward craig and annie stole who operate del fiona pizza on california street and their second pizza operation in the city and dove tailing off of the success in the
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restaurant that i used to go to quite a bit. district eight. congratulations. they opened up on california and have done such amazing job. it's one of the most popular places in my district and we opened up this with great success. they have been written up chronicle and "new york times" and npr which i didn't realize and they're the go to place and it's an honor to bring you both forward today. to let you know about the stoles. craig is from new york but came to san francisco and graduated from the culinary institute of america and won a james berd